About Us

The Light Church is a vibrant community of people who follow Jesus. Since the church started in 2008, it has grown rapidly and quickly become known for having a friendly inclusive culture and a strong heart for justice and being good news to the poor in Bradford. Sunday worship and preaching is aimed at all people of all backgrounds, of years of faith or no faith at all.

If you're looking for an active church with an outward focus, a strong emphasis on the bible and the work of the Holy Spirit, we'd invite you to come and experience the warm welcome of the Light.

Here are just a few quotes from our recent anonymous church survey answering the question, "What do you love about the Light Church?":

  • Bright, happy and positive, well organised with energy, professionalism and enthusiasm. Patient people who don't give up on newcomers.
  • Everyone can feel included, loved and appreciated
  • It's so active in doing social action stuff, like foodbank, inn churches, CAP
  • That we're not afraid to welcome in people who's lives are 'messy'