New leadership team & new staff Recruitment 

Dear Church,

Having come through a challenging time, we are excited to let you know how God is moving us forward into his purposes.

Perhaps the most significant change for us as a church is the establishment of a new and wider leadership team. In many ways we are returning to the model under which the church thrived for the first five years of its life, which is a leadership team with no one main leader. We have also decided as a leadership that we are going to part ways with the term and ‘office’ of Elder and return to the name, structure and title that served us so well for those first 5 years - that of a leadership team formed of… well, a team of leaders.

We have sought to build a balanced team, whilst ensuring we have the right blend of skill, experience, potential and of course Godly character. We are so grateful to God for bringing some more brothers and sisters alongside us the existing leaders, so that together we can carry the responsibilities of leadership. In having a wider, broader team we believe that it continues to send the message that this church is for everyone, and that there are no special people. However we do hope that we can do a special job of serving you in leadership as we take the church forward together.

So…. onto the team.

Here are the names on the team sheet, and following the current areas that we expect them to be picking up to oversee or make happen….

Matt Barlow - existing leader, trustee and co-founder - oversee social action ministries, communications 
John Kirkby - existing leader, trustee and co-founder - finances, light groups, oversee Education centre
Tim Morfin - existing leader, trustee and chair of Leadership team - building, kids and youth oversight, leading leadership meetings
Gareth Jones - existing leader and trustee - 
Josie Barlow - re-joining the leadership team and co-founder - preaching and leading team and content, socials team
Chris Haldane - joining the team - worship and communications
Helen Watts - joining the team - pastoral
Rachel Tarr - joining the team - welcome and new person integration, Alpha
Steve Sheldon - joining the team - discipleship
Edd Parker - joining the team - preaching and leading team and content

In terms of trustees, for now, just four of us will play the role of trustees and the additional responsibilities that requires of us. We expect to change this a bit further down the line, but for now felt this wasn’t something that needed overhauling.

Whilst we have outlined the likely areas of responsibility, we hope to shortly be able to definitely confirm where the different areas of church life will sit in terms of oversight. This will then give everyone clarity about who to approach on various issues. However, we are very aware that a benefit of a team like this, is that you will likely have certain leaders you relate to and connect with best, and we’d encourage you very much to speak to whomever you choose should you have any issues you need to discuss.

Pastoral care is an area of the church where we genuinely feel like we’ve never really soared, and so we are looking to change that as we move forward. In keeping with the same ethos of ‘many member’ ministry, we are going to be putting in place a large team of pastoral support people, who will be available to support people throughout the church, alongside the fantastic support already given by Light group leaders. In order to make this happen well and to ensure it is well supported and coordinated, we are looking to recruit someone to join our staff team who will play a vital role in leading and coordinating on pastoral care. A full job profile will shortly be sent around the church, and this person will lead and coordinate a team of people who have a calling to provide care and support from a pastoral point of view. We already have at least 20 people who have a real calling to be part of such a team, and we believe this is just the start. If you want to get involved, just watch this space. The job is only open to people currently part of the Light Church. Please do pray for the right person to come forward and do join us in thanking God for the very many people who are already showing an interest in being part of such a team.

We are also going to be recruiting for a new role of Operations Manager, this role will play a vital role in supporting the leadership team to turn vision into reality. They will play a coordinating and probably leading role within the staff team and in the day to day operations of the church. Again, please join us in prayer for the right person to come forward. 

Thank you for your patience as we have put this new team together and made this big decisions. We are grateful that we have made such good progress, whilst having also had time to wait on the Lord for his direction. Please do pray for everyone involved.

Leadership Team


John Hargreaves (Guest) 28/03/2017 17:10
A wise and Godly move that will contribute to the future role of the Church and its people. Some would say "We don't want to get stuck in a rut". Well, some ruts are good to be stuck in, for example a Tram. The rut a tram is stuck in gives it direction it knows exactly where it is going giving it the confidence to know it will never get lost. I, personally, have the utmost faith in our new team and they can count on my support.